Neverland Reusable Breast Pad Set

Neverland Reusable Breast Pad Set

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Our reusable, breathable & waterproof breast pads are made with 4 layers. This is a pre-selected set which consists of the 3 Pairs pictured.

- Printed Cotton Top
- Waterproof PUL  
- Bamboo French Terry (absorbent layer) 
- Suedecloth Backing

These are great for average to heavy leaking and overnights. 

Suedecloth is used as the layer closest to the breast, it wicks moisture through into the absorbent part of the breast pad, and away from your skin. Because it does not absorb moisture, it feels dry, keeping skin dry. Suedecloth is also known for being cooler and less bulky making it great for warmer climates or times of the year.

Each measures approximately 11.5cm in diameter. They are flat but will mould to your shape as they are worn. Placement of patterns may vary depending on the print of the fabric.

Easy care and great for the environment as well as your wallet. Care instructions included.

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